Used and Refurbished T3 Patroller


T3 Patroller Refurbishment Program includes:

  • New Battery Cells
  • New Charger
  • New Tires (Front + Rear)
  • New Rider Mat (Industry-best, military-grade high-compression rubber)
  • New Front Fender (Black/Line-X® Coated)
  • New Rear Brake Pads
  • New Drive Pulleys/Belts
  • New Body Seal (Black)
  • New Headset (Black)
  • New Front Emergency Lighting Assembly (Black)
  • New Rear Tail Light Assemblies (Black)
  • New Side Grab Handles (Black)
  • New Pannier Pack
  • Refurbished Rims (Front + Rear)

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